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2 Weeks ago
Fallout 76 release date and multiplayer news - all the latest detailsFallout 76 release date and multiplayer news - all the latest details
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Very interesting article! I think one can achieve a very quiet and good performance build on a budget, provided the build is planned from the start with requirements in mind and parts are picked accordingly.
I recently completed a build with a Thermaltake Core V21 Case, MSI Z370M Mobo and a i7-8700K oc to 5.0ghz.
I am using a GTX1070 ITX OC 8GB Video Card and all storage is M.2 NMVE EVO960. I am running 16GB G-Skill 4 @3200mhz (though nothing to do with noise).
The interesting part is that I am using a Gamer Storm Captain 120EX AIO for cooling the oc 8700k. The trick to that is managing the airflow in the V21 case carefully, and careful selection of fan position. Using the stock 200mm fan in front, one tt 140mm exhaust at rear, and the AIO fan which is 120mm at the front right side wall. At full speed they run at 850rpm, 1000rpm and 1850rpm respectively.
Surprisingly, even running all fans at full speed I only hear the whisper of airflow similar to a central air conditioning system! With normal thermal curve settings it is nearly dead silent with the AIO and main case fan both running about 500 rpm at idle and light loads.
But does the Captain 120EX keep my CPU cool under overclock? Amazingly YES! Part of this is credited to keeping voltage to both the cores and memory as low as possible while stable. The CPU Core is running at 1.287v and the memory at 1.34v. My CPU cores are average 29-31C idle, and under Stress Test loads Core temp never exceeds 79C. I did a lot of airflow testing to get the result, as the original temps ran as high 89C on the cores until I tuned the airflow and the voltage.
Bottom line - it performs as desired at 5ghz and is quiet to boot!
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