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2 Years ago
Tabletop Simulator review snippet Would you prefer to play Tabletop Simulator as a board game, or on your PC? Why?
Whoa... meta.... Would I rather play a game as a video game or a IRL board game whose entire purpose is to simulate IRL boardgames in video game form? Since Tabletop Simulator in and of itself doesn't actually have a "game" side to it - just offering the tools to play other games, I'd have to say I prefer it in its current form. If you are just asking if I'd rather play the games *within* Tabletop Simulator on the PC or IRL - then I'd still have to say PC. There's a HUGE library of games available, a good number in the base game itself, but it is the Steam Workshop that opens the floodgates. There's no way I'd ever be able to store all those games, much less organize them and set them up. Not to mention buying all the parts. Plus, there's no clean up. No lost, broken, or missing parts to deal with. You can make infinite copies of parts you need (for more players, or extra in game money, or supplies or whatever) - you can make you own parts... It's just a much better system. I still play IRL board games, and always will. I own dozens. In fact, I've bought a few after seeing them on Tabletop Simulator. But Tabletop Simulator opens a lot more possibilities. Oh, and I didn't even talk about the fact that TTS lets you play online, so no need to coordinate a bunch of different people to physically be in the same place at the same time. It's great!
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