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3 Years ago
What do mod developers actually want from a paid mod system?What do mod developers actually want from a paid mod system?
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"You do not have to download someone’s mod to experience the title you purchased. Modding is ‘icing on the cake"

Funny seeing that after talking about DSFix. Or remembering how I couldn't finish the Thieves Guild Quest because of [insert issue here].

Everyone knows what's going to happen. You can tell that's what some of these modders want. Paid mods will be DLC. And considering that some games are better with mods (hello SkyUI), no one is going to want to pay full price only to buy a "fix". You could argue that Skyrim worked just fine with what they had but come on.....

Also, having the community watch over the mods is a Greenlight waiting to happen.

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Then that's an issue of the developers. If a game has serious issues that are only being fixed by modders maybe we should be getting mad at the developers and not the modders.

In all honesty I think it's quite disgusting that a game will come out these days partially broken and the common response is "well I'm sure the modders will fix it". At what point did modders become the developers and players free maintenance workers?

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