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3 Years ago
The best MMORPGs on PCThe best MMORPGs on PC
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Had to leave a comment here about this. I won't speak for the other games as I don't know them enough except perhaps WoW but this part here for SW:TOR

Just be aware that the restrictions on what you can and can’t do with a free account are a little ludicrous: you’ll be prevented from owning a mount, have reduced bag space, even a reduced levelling speed unless you pony up.

This reads like no research was done at all apart from going on the home page.

1. You will be prevented from owning a mount - Not true, subscribers get access to a mount 5 levels before the f2p players. They get their mounts at the levels subs used to get them at launch. If anyone wants them earlier they can unlock it it legacy for credits or cartel coins if the have the legacy level.

2.Have reduced bag space - Again this is wrong, everyone no matter what level of access you have starts with the same ammount of inventory slots, additional ones can be purchased for credits the in game currency or cartel coins.

3. Reduced levelling speed - this part is correct but look at the subscriber benefits for both Rift and Tera they also give subs more XP its the same thing, if your gonna point it out on one do it on all please.

The only part you got right is ludicrous restrictions however you failed to mention any of them at all, some of which are need to purchase unlocks for Hide Head Slot to hide helm, Artifact Equipment Unlock to wear purple (epic) amour, credit caps, ability to send mail across chars. Please do more thorough research before falsely commenting on games as its bad jounralism and can impact that game if people rely on your site.

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I know this is a year old, however, i'm just pointing this out purely for people wanting info.

Rift and Tera offer exp boosts to level FASTER.

SWTOR basically says in order to level at a NORMAL pace, you HAVE to sub. That's a BIG difference from Rift and Tera.

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