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4 Weeks ago
The best MMORPGs on PCThe best MMORPGs on PC
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Yeah, right?! Tera seriously has potential to be best MMO ever with how gorgeous it is and how the combat works but they ruined my WHOLE playstyle which is "fuck pvp and no life pve" lol I'm a grinder at heart but when your pve quests are ASS I feel totally alienated. I'm fine with boring gathering, thats normal and my mind just wanders during it but when 70% of the quests are nothing but boring enemies and gathering I want to rip my heart out. I'm one of those nolife to 99 runescape players but since you could make friends while doing boring things all the time, it was like a real world chat system while showing off sick stats! lol THAT was more interesting then Tera's pve. I was so dissapoint.

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Tera is fucking garbage, get fucked.

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2 Years ago
The best MMORPGs on PCThe best MMORPGs on PC
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I know this is a year old, however, i'm just pointing this out purely for people wanting info.

Rift and Tera offer exp boosts to level FASTER.

SWTOR basically says in order to level at a NORMAL pace, you HAVE to sub. That's a BIG difference from Rift and Tera.

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Nice tl;dr for the MMOnewbies. :)

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