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3 Years ago
Updated: We had 1000 World of Warships codes to give away but they're all goneUpdated: We had 1000 World of Warships codes to give away but they're all gone
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OK... Wargaming you fucked it up.....

I am a pretty hardcore Wargaming fan as i was in the beta/alpha of the legendary title ''World of Tanks''

I also took place in the ''World of Warplanes'' beta/alpha testings. I joined this one via the codes that were given away in this website. I signed in to this PCGamesN community for that but then i loved it. I take a look here every once in a while now.

Then what happens.... I didn't log in few days i came back out of my cave what OMG WORLD OF WARSHIPS is on TODAY İ have TOTALLYY FORGOTTEN. ( i was waiting for this with dates and shit''

What happens next is i went into the wargaming website and it was simply saying me to GTFO i was too late to join closed Alpha testings.... Then i remembered i had a code from the website, i searched for it found the title saying we are out of code.... Me as a loyal Wargaming player who has bought premium stuff worth like hundreds of dollars, cant get into closed testing. I felt... I WAS IN EVERY SINGLE WARGAMING GAMES CLOSED BETA/ALPHA and i was CONSTANTLY discussing glitches, bugs in the forums. At this moment and place wargaming is done for me. I am soo angry deleting my world of tanks right now. It might feel crazy but it was huge for me. LİKE WHO DESERVES A CODE İF İ DONT ? JUST ASKING WARGAMEİNG JUST ASKİNG WHO ?

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