PS4 horror PT recreated in Unity

PT Unity

Before Silent Hills became nothing more than a beautiful dream of what could be, the game was announced through the use of PT: a little horror game that appeared on the PS4 store. While essentially there to reveal Silent Hills’ existence, it was in its own right an amazing and truly terrifying game. It’s no longer available on PS4 thanks to the cancellation of Silent Hills, but a dedicated modeller has recreated the hallway the game is set in using Unity. 

It’s a task that took creator Farhan Qureshi 104 hours over 4 weeks. The original idea was to recreate the hallway as a demonstration for a workshop in 3D modelling he is due to teach in September, but it became much more. While the Unity recreation of PT does not recreate the whole game with its never ending corridor cycle, it does include sound work and elements beyond just seeing the hallway.

The full story of how the recreation was made can be read at Qureshi’s website, which details how he painstakingly photographed everything in the PS4 version, and then crafted a replica by hand. Little details like the coiled phone cord and the corkscrew design of a lamp proved tricky.

With the whole thing done, Qureshi has made his PT recreation available to download, so PC, Mac, and Linux users can now get a taste of the terror without the need for a PS4.