You can play Steam games with PSVR, albeit unofficially


If you’re looking at getting a proper VR headset, PSVR is probably the best value for money. By all accounts, Sony’s headset is one of the most comfortable, too. Well now you can use one to play with your Steam library, thanks to an unofficial driver and a little workaround. 

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If you want it, just head to TrinusVR, a website dedicated to getting people hooked up to their Steam games via any form of VR, using your mobile phone or whatever, and download the software.

From there, you just need to download the unofficial VR driver and follow the setup instructions. Pop into the display settings and set up extended displays, so your PC will output to the headset, wire it up and set up Steam VR control for head tracking.

Here’s a video talking you through the process:

Much like how the DualShock 4 had unofficial support for ages, Sony will likely just shrug this off, since it means it will potentially widen their audience. Or, they could go down the PlayStation Now route and expedite official support.

Support could come later, but for now the device won’t work with the Oculus Touch controllers or the Vive controllers, so you’ll have to play with a pad. Use a DualShock 4 if you’ve got one. Currently it only runs at 60hz, too, though that could also be addressed in an update.