Psychonauts 2 studio has begun work on multiple “new projects”

Psychonauts 2's Double Fine is focusing on new projects and experimentation. Does that leave room for Psychonauts 3?

Psychonauts 2's Double Fine is working on several new projects

After creating one of the best games of the year, Psychonauts 2 developer Double Fine Productions has now shifted its focus to the future – and is apparently “splitting up into various teams” to work on multiple “new projects”, although there’s a possibility none of them are Psychonauts 3.

Psychonauts 2 is one of the top games of 2021. Our reviewer called it “Double Fine’s best game” and “rich and rewarding”, and most critics seem to agree. With the renewed accolade and the support from Microsoft and Xbox, who now own Double Fine, all eyes are on what the studio is up to next.

In a recent Fig update for Psychonauts 2’s backers, Double Fine confirms there will still be “tweaks and fixes” for Psychonauts 2 but the studio has now moved on to its next game – or rather, multiple games plural, as the update says that “the studio is already splitting up into various teams and starting different projects that we think you’ll enjoy”.

Other than restating that Double Fine’s “focus moves to these new projects” the update doesn’t offer much of a clue as to what these games will be, but it doesn’t sound like the studio is in any hurry to do a new Psychonauts any time soon. “We like experimentation here at Double Fine,” the update reads. “Every game is a chance to explore new ideas, new visual styles or gameplay, emotions, and more. Psychonauts 2 was a chance to revisit and reimagine the classic that launched our studio into the future.”

While this certainly doesn’t rule out Psychonauts 3, it does sound like Double Fine views Psychonauts 2 as more of a look back when the studio really wants to make new titles – given how few sequels Double Fine has made, that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to the studio’s fans. Still, we wouldn’t say no to Brutal Legend 2.