Psychonauts 2 has already raised $1 million in less than a day

Psychonauts 2

I am disgustingly unwell today, chums, which would normally make me even grouchier than I usually am, but this has not happened, mainly for one reason: Psychonauts is getting a sequel. And, not unsurprisingly, I’m far from the only person whose day was made by the announcement of Psychonauts 2 at The Game Awards, and whole bunch of those excited people have already thrown well over a million dollars Double Fine’s way in less than a day.

The Fig crowdfunding campaign when live in the small hours of the morning (or yesterday night, if you’re in the US), and at the time of writing, has already seen 8,445 backers pledge $1,195,926, which is enough money to swim in, or at least take a nice bath.

Over a million is obviously a lot, but it’s only 36% of what Double Fine needs. There’s plenty of time left in the campaign however, as it will continue for another 34 days.

I had wondered if the mess of Double Fine’s Broken Age campaign – which exceeded its goal over three times and still wasn’t enough – or the mixed reception for Broken Age’s second act and Massive Chalice would haunt this campaign, but so far it looks like it’s not going to have a problem reaching its target.

Are you thinking of becoming a backer or, given that the Fig crowdfunding platform is actually for investment rather than mere pledges, an investor?

Cheers, Eurogamer.