PT player breaks out of the house and explores the full map of Silent Hill

One last look at what Silent Hills might've been

The end of Kojima Productions under Konami is still a sore spot, even as a new Kojima Productions has come around to give us something properly unfettered and weird. (Please look forward to the Death Stranding PC release date.) Barring a miracle, the Hideo Kojima-led Silent Hills is never going to happen, but a new look outside the restrictive walls of PT hints at what might’ve been.

The ending of PT contains a brief trailer for Silent Hills, featuring Norman Reedus on the streets of the titular town – and this teaser is displayed entirely in-engine on PlayStation 4. YouTuber Lance McDonald, who you might know from his breakdowns of cut content in games like Dark Souls and Sekiro, has found a way to break out of the hallway loop and explore the new Silent Hill map itself.

Don’t expect to repeat those steps at home, though – McDonald changed the game code so that when he opens the starting door, instead of going to the map file for the hallway loop, he opens the door into a different map file, for Silent Hill itself. There’s no collision on this map, since it was never intended to be used in the teaser, but a further mod to float above the ground lets McDonald explore the town.

It’s impressively detailed in spots, right down to the potted plants sitting on fire escapes of local apartment buildings, but you won’t mistake the walkthrough for a finished game. There are still loads of sketchy-looking details, like the boxy cars in the parking lots – but this is still likely the closest look we’re going to get at a modern Silent Hill anytime soon.

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Check out the video above for the full walkthrough.