PUBG’s new map Deston is available to play, as patch 18.2 revealed

PUBG’s Deston launches on PC test servers, while patch notes for 18.2 reveal new weapons, vehicles, and keycards, and rebalancing for Miramar

PUBG’s new map Deston is now available on the game’s test servers, as patch notes for 18.2 show off new mechanics, weapons, vehicles, and keycards, which will be available to all when the update launches on July 12.

PC players can now access Deston via PUBG’s public test servers, with the new map introducing a variety of new tools and equipment. The ascender, a sort of automated pulley that lets you quickly zip up the sides of vertical surfaces, is unique to Deston, as are security cards, which allow you to unlock special doors containing rare loot. The airboat, which can travel both on land and on water, is another Deston exclusive, alongside the new O12 shotgun, which rapidly fires 12-gauge slugs.

You can now refuel your vehicles at gas stations, but these can be targeted by your enemies and made to explode, so you don’t want to hang around too long. There are also various areas that can only be explored via drone – hover your way into them, and expect to find some rare gear. Again, though, for the moment these two features are unique to Deston.

The map itself is 8×8, same as Erangel and Miramar, and can handle solos, duos, or squads, for the most-varied battle royale. Points of interest include Ripton, the main city, which looks good for both close-quarters and vertical combat; the hydroelectric dam, if you want a good sniping roost; and a former paintball arena, probably a decent spot for testing out that O12. Deston will, however, feature bot players, so those sweet kills may not be as hard-won as you think.

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Deston is expected to launch in full on July 13, a day after patch 18.2. Also included in the update are changes to the terrain in Miramar, particularly the oasis region, and some rebalancing for vehicle spawn locations. The console versions of PUBG are also scheduled for some (frankly much-needed) graphical polish.

If you want to play Deston now, make sure you install the public test server alongside your full version of PUBG. In the main lobby, go to the “games” tab. The test server should appear on the drop-down list. Install it, and then select to use it as your main server. Deston should now be in your map rotation.