Punch Club adds 3 hours of new content in free Dark Fist expansion

Punch Club

Adding a new storyline and three hours of extra content, Punch Club’s Dark Fist expansion launches free along with an update on March 8.

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Punch Club was quirky enough, combining stat management with dialogue choices to make a fist fighter climb through the ranks, but its Dark Fist expansion sounds like it’s jumping – and punching – the shark.

Its story revolves around you finding a mysterious suitcase that points to crimes taking place around the city, which leads to you becoming a vigilante and going on a criminal battering spree, obviously.

As well as adding the expansion, some new features are heading to Punch Club when the update drops in March. The big one is Twitch integration, which will allow viewers to bet on your fights. “Points gained from winning bets will be transferable into tangible rewards,” according to the Steam announcement. Details are to follow.

You will also be able to play your Punch Club save between your desktop and mobile once it releases, too, with cross-platform cloud saves heading to the fight management sim.

Punch Club is £6.99 on Steam.