Punch Club knocked out on Twitch, released on Steam

Punch Club Still

Two days ago, Lazy Bear Games started the TwitchPlaysPunchClub channel, with viewers voting on what should be done in their forthcoming punch-em-up. This isn’t new, Twitch has finished a few different Pokémon’s and even Dark Souls – a game I can’t even finish. 

Fancy something deeper? That’s an RPG for that on our list of the best PC RPGs.

There was a catch this time though: Punch Club hasn’t been released, and wouldn’t be until the game was finished, or until January 25th. Whichever came first. Expectations were that it would take around a week but rather than going the distance, Punch Club hit the mat in the second round after just 36 hours meaning that it’s released now.

The game itself is modelled on the retro tycoon games of old, with you guiding America’s next top boxer on a quest to become both the best boxer of all time but also to discover the villainous cur that murdered your father.

To make this work, you need to act like your own mother and make sure you go to work, eat right and train well. There’s even three different types of boxing you can master so that you can savage opponents in your chosen manner. One of these involves lots of high kicks and is more Bloodsport than Raging Bull.

Anyway, you can buy Punch Club now on Steam if that’s your sort of thing. It’s £7/$10