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New horror game by Puppet Combo launches on Steam

A new horror game, Deadly Night, from Nun Massacre and Murder House developer Puppet Combo, has launched on Steam, inspired by Outlast and Silent Hill

New horror game by Puppet Combo launches on Steam: Artwork showing a motel and a serial killer

The new horror game from Nun Massacre and Murder House developer Puppet Combo, titled Deadly Night, has launched on Steam, and it’s inspired by 80s slasher movies, PS1 horror games like Silent Hill, and run-and-hide stealth hits like Outlast and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

If you aren’t familiar with the work of Puppet Combo, they create ultra-bloody and very terrifying horror games stylistically inspired by 80s video nasties and cheap, straight-to-VHS slashers. Tracking, screen-tearing, and searing synth soundtracks are all trademarks of their work, alongside blocky, PS1-era graphics, and very YouTube-able jump scares. Though they mainly launch games on PC, some of their biggest hits, Nun Massacre and Murder House, have been ported to other platforms – their new release, Deadly Night, looks destined to become a Twitch streamer classic.

It’s a typical genre set-up: playing as Carol, a young woman hitchhiking your way across the rural US, you stop for a night at a rundown, isolated motel, only to find that the owner is hiding an extremely dark secret. “A stealth-driven, grindhouse style slasher game, featuring low poly, PS1 style visuals,” Deadly Night challenges you to run and hide from your would-be murderer, and unlock multiple different endings.

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You can purchase Deadly Night via Steam, though it is also available via Steam keys sent directly to Puppet Combo’s supporters on Patreon. If you like stylish visuals, horror nostalgia, vivid gore, and being scared senseless, we’d recommend Deadly Night highly.

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