Job posting at id Software points to microtransaction focus for Quake Champions

Quake Champions rumours

Doom developers id Software are looking to hire a world class monetisation designer to help build a compelling microtransaction system into one of their games. Considering Doom’s focus on free updates, and the fact it’s already well out the door, it’s likely going to be for an upcoming game. Quake. It’s probably for Quake. 

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The job post says id are “seeking an exceptional monetisation designer with a passion for making sticky systems for successful games”.

“The candidate will collaborate with the design team, analytics group, marketing, and tech department to develop, optimise, and tune fun and compelling monetisation features as well as other related sticky systems.”

From the description, we know the successful applicant will be handling these tasks on a competitive multiplayer game, where they will manage the economy of in-game currency, both earned and bought. They will measure their success and implement new ideas to get people spending.

One of the desired skills listed is work on a triple-A game with monetisation experience, which would seemingly rule out a Fallout Shelter-esque mobile spin-off. Then there’s the other desired skills, which say id would prefer someone with experience with shooters, action games and competitive multiplayer.

If it’s not for Quake, I will eat my hat, basically. A hat which I bought in Team Fortress 2, with microtransactions. Either way, I’ve contacted Bethesda to see if they fancy confirming these suspicions and I will let you know if I hear back.

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