Q3DM6 returns as Blood Covenant in reimagined map for Quake Champions

Quake Champions

The iconic DM6 map from Quake 3 Arena returns in Quake Champions, reimagined as the aptly named Blood Covenant. 

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Otherwise known as the Camping Grounds, the map returns with the long jump pad and rocket launcher intact, as well as the railgun ledge, the Quad Damage spawn, and the tight, speedy shootouts among the pillars.

Bethesda promise that surprises will still litter this blood-filled arena, however. With each Champion having their own active and passive abilities, you should be able to pull off some new tricks and gib someone from somewhere unexpected.

Quake Champions and its Blood Covenant map will be available to play at PAX East in the Bethesda booth.

Check out the trailer of the reimagined map above. Here are all the characters rumoured and revealed for Quake Champions so far.

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