Quake Champions is the next old-school shooter revival from Bethesda

Quake Champions

Bethesda’s conference just kicked off with a CGI trailer for a new Quake game, Quake Champions . Following the success of Doom, it looks like the publisher is taking a punt at another classic FPS revival from id Software.

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Here’s the CGI trailer Bethesda showed off at the conference:

Quake Champions will be an ultra fast arena shooter that stays true to the classic FPS, with high-tech weapons that will be familiar to Quake 3: Arena fans. “The game that defined competitive multiplayer is back and better than ever,” said id Software.

They went on to say the game would be “competitive whether you’re new to quake or whether you’ve been fragging for 20 years.”

Quake Champions will run at 120hz with unlocked frame rates, so it should make Doom look like it needs a hip replacement.

It seems like it’ll be sporting some contemporary adjustments, featuring MOBA-style champions with their own abilities and strengths.

There will be more at Quakecon in August.