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Machine Games have created a new episode for Quake and released it free


Wolfenstein creators Machine Games have just released a completely new episode for classic Quake, in celebration of the game's 20th anniversary. 

Wondering how much the classics hold up? Here's our list of the best old games.

With id Software busy at work on Quake Champions, the Bethesda-published modern revival of the arena shooter classic, Machine Games took it upon themselves to put something out, and the reaction has been positive so far.

I haven't had chance to try it myself (these words won't write themselves you know) but I'm sure the creators of modern Wolfenstein can handle a few levels in one of the original FPS games. 

If you want to give the new campaign a crack, here's the tweet with the info:

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AnAuldWolf avatarhfm avatar
AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

That's... actually kind of rad. I don't know if it's anything I could play. I mean, I loved the reflexive platforming and 'puzzles' in Quake but every time I get to dogs I can't dodge past/run away from, I just have to put it down and walk away.

It's an unfortunate thing. I have little trouble pew-pewing badly designed, blocky 'humans' who make sounds like 'BLERGH,' 'WAGH,' and 'AWRNF' whilst flailing as if they were being controlled by drunken puppeteers. It's far detached enough from reality that it doesn't bother me. It's theatrical enough to be positively vaudevillian, it doesn't feel real at all. I feel like I'm putting on some kind of bizarre play. So that's okay.

The sounds those dogs make, though... Nope. Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, this is me noping right on out of there. Nope!

Those dogs, man. Those dogs. Nnnnnnope. I've owned and own dogs. The sound of a dog suffering is like nails down a chalkboard for me. When I first re-encountered that as older me, I was sorely tempted to just delete the Quakespasm directory I'd setup and head back to Duke Nukem 3D.

Instead, I just opted to play maps/campaigns that don't have those dogs. One wonders if there are perhaps any mods out there that remove the bloody dogs or replace them with something else. Usually, people want to remove something because they're scared of it. Not the case, for me. I'm just really depressed a lot, so dogs in pain I do not need.

Anyway, this is awesome. It's going to be super awesome if they thought to not include those dogs. I hope that's the case. Fingers crossed! Going to give it a try!

Edit: Within 10 seconds... Dogs I can't escape from! Hahahaha. Nope! I won't be playing that, then. I do, however, appreciate that they went to the effort to do this. I do miss Quake. I just don't miss those damned dogs making the sounds they make when hurt.

hfm Avatar
1 Year ago

Can probably remove or change the sounds for it.