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The Quake mods community has a new home

Slipgate Sightseer - or Slipseer - is a new community hub for Quake mods and modding, easily making single-player mods available and helping out creators too

A new Quake mods community hub has launched, called Slipseer

There are many great Quake mods out there but there’s never really been a decent hub for the FPS game‘s modding community to easily get together, share mods, discuss them, and assist creators. New Quake community site Slipgate Sightseer aims to do just that.

Slipgate Sightseer – or Slipseer, to use its catchy URL name – is now officially up in beta and it’s designed to be a new home for the Quake modding community. From the first page, you can easily check out new maps and mods, alongside reviews, discussions, and help for anyone trying modding for themselves.

PCGamesN got in touch with a member of the development team, Michael Markie – who is also a composer, sound designer, and level designer for 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks. Michael describes Slipseer as a “community hub primarily for Quake singleplayer content creators and players, where creators can upload, manage, and discuss their content on a modern site.”

The site’s only in beta right now, and Michael confirms there’s “a lot more coming in the future.” Plans include “modding and mapping tutorials, editorials, huge releases premiering on the site,” and accessibility content – which Quake has only recently started getting.

“One issue we want to tackle is ease of playing Quake content,” Michael Markie adds. “Maybe an app like how Nexus Mods has, but for Quake!”

Mods available on Slipseer include “vanilla plus” improvement mod Copper and the fantastic Block Quake, which turns the game into the ultimate Lego FPS. Expect big things to come.

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