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QuakeCon 2013 presentations will feature Elder Scrolls Online live stream and the Carmack keynote


The presentation schedule for this year’s QuakeCon has been revealed, and boy is it a good one. For a bunch of them it’s a ‘be there or be square’ affair, so unless you’re attending the convention you’ll be missing out. But the most important ones – namely industry giant John Carmack’s keynote presentation and the first ever live stream of The Elder Scrolls Online – will be streamed online via Twitch for us all to bask in Bethesda glory. 

You’ll want to have your watches set to 4.30pm Central Time on Thursday 1st August for John Carmack’s annual keynote. Every year the noted Technical Director of id Software has something big to say, and this year is probably no exception. Head to the Ventrilo Main Stage if you’re attending, or tune into the Twitch stream.

The lectures continue on Friday 2nd August. At 12.30pm The Elder Scrolls Online will be played live on stage by Creative Director Paul Sage, Gameplay Lead Nick Konkle, Lead Content Designer Rich Lambert, and Content Lead Erick Bakutis of ZeniMax Online Studios. This is the first time any live footage from the game has been seen, so if you’ve any interest in TESO at all, this should be on your calendar. You might want to add the Twitch channel to your favourites since this presentation will be beamed out to the world.

Later on at 5pm Carmack will be back on stage giving a lecture on the principles of lighting and rendering. The techno-babble heavy talk will discuss how light behaves in the real world and the challenges and compromises made when translating this into computer simulations.

Saturday’s live streams start at 11am with a presentation of Dishonored’s next DLC pack The Brigmore Witches. Later at 12.30pm there will be a PC hardware workshop, streaming over at PC Perspective rather than the usual Twitch channel.

3pm sees a move away from games to look at artwork for Hollywood, as id Software’s Art Director Hugo Martin talks about how he provided concept art for Pacific Rim. Martin was a concept artist creating the Jaegers – the giant mechs that do a fine job of cancelling the apocalypse in the massively dumb but oh-so-enjoyable summer blockbuster.

Alongside all the presentations, the QuakeCon tournaments will be live streamed on a seperate Twitch channel.

QuakeCon 2013 runs from August 1-4 2013 at Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.