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QuakeCon’s 20th anniversary convention will be kicking off in July next year

QuakeCon 2015

Quakecon is almost 20, and will be celebrating it’s two decade anniversary with QuakeCon 2015 in Dallas, Texas between July 23 – July 26th. Bethesda made the announcement today, while also noting that Quakecon still can’t go to a bar and get hammered. But that’s obviously because it’s going to the wrong bars. American ones. 

The three day convention’s big draw is the gargantuan LAN party, with folk bringing their rigs from all over the place for the gathering. It’s the largest Bring-Your-Own-Computer LAN party in North America.

As it has done for a while, it will be in the Hilton Anatole Hotel, where you can get special room rates for the convention. And the event is completely free, too. You might want to look into booking rooms now, though.

This year’s event saw the reveal of Doom, and our Tim was there. take a gander at how he fell in love with QuakeCon.

The schedule for the next event hasn’t been released, but expect panels, exhibits, presentations and early looks at Bethesda’s upcoming games.