Vote on which prototype Race the Sun devs Flippfly should turn into an actual game

Race the Sun FlippFly greenlit

Here’s a fun thing: Flippfly have made a bunch of prototypes since endless runner Race the Sun released in 2013, and they’d like you to vote on which of those prototypes to take forward and turn into a real boy. They’re calling it the Flippfly Prototype Showdown, for the reasons just mentioned above.

Race the Sun is about the sun, sort of. The sun is in space. You should read our best PC space games.

Round one of the showdown sees Taxicopter go head-to-head with Dupi’s wrong turn. The former looks a bit like Simcopter, the chopper game that let you cruise above your SimCity creations (yay!) and the latter a bit like Super Hexagon. A bit, Judge for yourself:

The two games will be released into a large area of woodland in which are distributed a variety of weapons. Some are deadly, others less so. It’ll be up to the games to find those weapons, locate each other and fight to the death. All of this will happen in your imagination, of course, as you hit the ‘vote’ button on either one.

FYI, my vote’s on Taxicopter, because I really, really, liked Simcopter. Remember the injured, disproportionately huge people you’d have to airlift onto the roofs of hospitals? Good times.