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Radical Heights’ first update adds killer bike tricks and a new weapon

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Radical Heights will receive its first update later today, adding new content such as bike tricks, customisations, and quick melee to the ‘80s-inspired battle royale.

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So what’s new? Well, to start, improvements have been made to bikes. Bikes should now spin out of control less often, and you should have more air control too - meaning you can pull off better tricks like backflips. However if you mess up, and land on your face, you’ll be thrown off your bike. Ouch.

If you’re a glutton for pain - or just love a dramatic entrance - the ability to dive through large glass windows has also been added. Alongside this, there’s a bunch of new cosmetics hidden around the world and in the prize room - if you find them in game then you can unlock their in-game cash prizes. There’s also the ability to customise kill cards.

Radical Heights

But if you just prefer some good old-fashioned retro killing, a quick melee option has been added which allows you to seamlessly change between your fists and weapon. Prefer to keep your enemies at a distance? A new weapon has been added to the dome - the FAL rifle.

This first patch comes just a week after Radical Heights’ X-TREME Early Access release. However, developers Boss Key have been “working hard” on reviewing and implementing feedback they have received in that time, according to their update announcement. 

The update will go live today at 16:00 (EDT), 13:00 (PDT), and  21:00 (BST). You can check out the full list of patch notes here.

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Monsoon.Moon avatarBreakLegosaurus avatarWhiteCrow avatar
Monsoon.Moon Avatar
2 Months ago

I mean, that's cool and everything, but I wish they'd sort out all the invisible walls you hit whilst running around and finish the games textures and make it so some of the assets, such as the prize rooms on the map weren't half below ground. Let's get the game working first guys...

WhiteCrow Avatar
2 Months ago

Indeed. If they're already in the "more and more content" rush, it doesn't look good for the game's longevity. They should be knee deep in polish and cleaning things up. Stacking things on top of a mess doesn't get rid of said mess.

BreakLegosaurus Avatar
2 Months ago

They should really finish the world before adding these things, I know it's probably different teams but they should shift priority to the world itself before anything else because in every review and from what I've seen default textures and invisible walls aren't selling the game and really putting a damper on the game for a lot of people.