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Raft Temperance walkthrough

A full Raft Temperance walkthrough, including how to get the Blowtorch, Selene Key, Advanced Anchor and Biofuel Refiner blueprints, open the safe code, and more

Raft Temperance walkthrough: Temperance from afar, with green beam penetrating the clouds

You’ll need our Raft Temperance walkthrough if you’re struggling with this icy environment, because it’s like going on an expedition to Antarctica. The first thing you will see is a massive, icy slope, followed by a lot of snow. But don’t worry; you don’t have to explore the Temperance on foot. The island is littered with ready-to-use snowmobiles, parked inside the small garages. Watch out for the polar bears though!

If you need help solving the puzzles, or if you simply want to save time, here’s a step-by-step Temperance walkthrough, which covers everything you need to know about getting through this part of the survival game. From obtaining the Blowtorch and the Selene Key, to opening the safe and completing the laser puzzle towards the end, this Raft Temperance walkthrough has everything you need.

The Temperance has three important places that must be visited to complete the story: the Igloo Village, the Heather Observatory, and the Selene Research Facility. Besides that, you’ll find several small Radio Towers and Bunkers.

It’s best to start your expedition by cruising around and stopping at every Radio Tower to collect their Electrical Cables (two per Tower), as you will need them to solve the Igloo Village puzzle later on. After that, you can either head to the Igloo Village in the centre or the Heather Observatory. In this Temperance walkthrough, we’ll start with the igloos.

Raft Temperance walkthrough: a raised view of the lit igloos for the puzzle

Temperance part one: Igloo Village

You need 11 Electrical Cables to solve the igloo puzzle, which translates to six stops at the Radio Towers. Once you have them, go to the Igloo Village’s entrance and connect the first Cable to the little blue building that has a ‘danger: electricity’ sign. Drag the Electrical Cables to your right, connect the three igloos, then cross the bridge to the left. Bring the cables up the rocks to the right, go down again to one of the smaller igloos, and finally connect them to the big igloo in the center.

Once the big igloo is unlocked, you’re done. This village is full of loot, including an Advanced Biofuel Refiner blueprint, but the most important item is the Blowtorch. If you walk up the stairs in the big igloo, it’s on the table to the right.

Temperance part two: how to get the selene key

Next stop is the Heather Observatory (the large building that looks like R2-D2). If you approach this building, the snow-covered floor in front of it will collapse, but this is a good thing, because it’ll help you get inside. Swim through the water-filled tunnel until you reach another cave, then climb the stairs to enter the building. The safe upstairs holds the Selene Key which will be very important indeed, as well as the Advanced Stationary Anchor blueprint.

We’ll tell you the solution below, but in case you’d prefer to find it yourself, here’s how to solve the Temperance safe code puzzle:

  • Pick up the four notes scattered around the Observatory. Each note contains a picture (animal or object) and a number.
  • Use the telescope screen upstairs to find the constellations corresponding to the drawings on the notes, then count the number of stars in each constellation.
  • Put those four numbers in the same order as the notes, and you’ve found the safe code puzzle solution.

In case you’re just here for the safe code, it’s 5-9-6-4. With both the Selene Key and the Blowtorch in your pocket, it’s time to visit the large buildings with the green laser beams on top: the Selene Research Facility.

Raft temperance walkthrough: a control rod on a crate with a prompt to pick it up

Temperance part three: Selene Research Facility

Use the Blowtorch and Selene Key to open the building, then equip a Hazmat Suit from the wardrobe downstairs. This will protect you from the green gas, but not for too long – keep an eye on the timer on your screen to see how long you have left. The only door that isn’t locked leads to Laboratory 2, so that’s where we’re headed first.

Downstairs is a computer puzzle. There are three computers in the room that each need a two-digit code. You can find these codes on the posters on the wall, but we’ll give you the solution here as well:

  • Computer Pm: 61
  • Computer Rb: 37
  • Computer Cl: 17

Continue on your way and make sure you pick up the first Control Rod. After descending down the ladder (watch out for the green gas, use a new Hazmat Suit if needed), kill the beetles and turn the wheel to open the nearby door. After picking up the second Control Rod, you need to solve a laser puzzle to enter Laboratory 1.

Raft temperance walkthrough: a diagram showing how to complete the laser puzzle

Temperance laser puzzle solution

The first laser puzzle is fairly simple: crouch to reach the nearby joystick, then aim the laser at the mirror on the opposite side. It will destroy the lock on Laboratory 1’s door. This will take you to a second, and far more difficult laser puzzle. If you need help, recreate the pattern as shown in the picture above.

Pick up the last Control Rod and head back to the Control Room, where you must insert the rods to gain access to the Reactor Room. Once inside, you’ll find three wheels that need to be turned all the way to the right. Unfortunately, the Reactor Room is filled with beetles, so you need to take them out first. Head back to the hallway if you need a new Hazmat Suit.

All there’s left to do is walk down the icy tunnel that just opened up, and pick up the note with the Utopia coordinates, also covered in our Raft Temperance code guide. You will also find an Electric Smelter blueprint and a hidden character; Shogo. If you fancy unlocking some more Raft characters now you’ve come to the end of Temperance, make sure you check out our guide. Alternatively, read up on our Raft Utopia walkthrough to learn how to make it through an upcoming story location.