Watch us play Ragdoll Runners, the QWOP-alike where long jumps are landed headfirst

ragdoll runners let's play

The Olympics might now be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still watch finely tuned athletes who’ve dedicated their entire lives to their chosen discipline, straining every fibre of every muscle to achieve feats of physical accomplishment beyond anything the world has seen before…

Actually, that’s probably over-selling it. We’re really bad at Ragdoll Runners.

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You wouldn’t know it by watching Phil and Jordan, but Ragdoll Runners actually simplifies the QWOP control scheme a bit. Not much, but a bit. Rather than pressing the titular keys, it’s really just about timing and holding down your presses of A and D here, with a bit of S thrown in during jump events and hurdles.

It also comprises eight (eight!) athletics events and supports local multiplayer, so you can have a mini track meet with a friend without ever leaving the keyboard. We like games that do this. More, please.

It’s available on Steam right now. If you’d like to watch more of us playing games, subcribe to the PCGamesN YouTube channel.

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