How long is Rage 2? Here’s how long it takes to beat Avalanche’s high-octane FPS

This sequel takes the post-apocalyptic FPS to a Far Cry-like world full of things to do. Here’s how long to book your stay

How long is Rage 2? Id and Avalanche’s Studios’ shooter is a chaotic mess that combines the power of Doom’s guns with ridiculous superpowers that’ll leave legions of mutants in puddles of blood-red viscera in a heartbeat. Obviously that’s a seductive proposition for anybody, so it’s worth knowing how many opportunities you have to turn targets into grisly giblets and globules.

You have plenty of freedom in terms of how much of this game you want to complete, so Rage 2’s length will be different for everybody. You can find out more in our definitive Rage 2 PC review, but we didn’t feel the side quests available in this action-packed blaster consistently rivalled the quality of those found in the best open-world games on PC. However, it’s most likely that the game’s exquisitely gory combat will keep you playing you anyway.

With this Rage 2 length guide we’re going to touch on the kinds of activities that you can busy yourself and give you an idea of how speedily you can Dash and Slam your way through the game’s main story. You’re going to have to do some of the side missions to get there but, even if you rinse the map of every objective, expect to be kickin’ it in the wasteland enough to have a gruesome ol’ time. So, I hear you ask: how long is Rage 2?

How long does it take to beat Rage 2?

Taking Rage 2’s story length into account – and we’re talking main narrative stuff, here – the game is surprisingly short. If you’re really rushing you can go from the destruction of your Vineland home at the game’s opening to the final credits in fewer than 15 hours. But, really, that’s no way to play Rage 2.

That’s because you have loads of Rage 2 Nanotrite abilities and gratifying guns to find across the world. You’ll get your hands on some through main story missions – the Combat Shotgun is a particular treat – but you’ll miss out on lots of other ways to obliterate the not-so-smart souls that confront you if you make a tunnel-visioned beeline for the game’s conclusion. These expansions to your arsenal can be found in Rage 2’s Arks; find them on the map by holding Ctrl on your keyboard to trigger beams of light from the sky towards their position.

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Ticking off all those should take you closer to 17 hours, but there are a surfeit of other pastimes to choose from to bulk out the length of Rage 2. You will have to do some of them to access certain main missions, too. These miscellaneous missions are associated with three core characters that specialise in their distinct discipline: John Marshall helps boost your combat skills, with Loosum Hagar and Antonin Kvasir helping you out with vehicle improvements and ways to better collect resources, respectively. Most things you do further each character’s progression tree – you’ll need to reach level five to access their second main mission. These activities are:

  • Arks: where you can pick up new weapons and abilities
  • Authority Sentries: big laser-toting robots that must be destroyed
  • Bandit Dens: outposts full of enemies that need ‘clearing out’
  • Road Chokers: roadblocks operated by enemies that need raising
  • Nests: dungeons full of powerful Abadon Crushers and Muties
  • Convoys: mobile vehicle-riding enemy battalions to be battered
  • Ranger Echoes: light puzzles to recover lost Rangers
  • Pit Stops: blow up fuel canisters protected by foes
  • Feltrite Meteorites: collect this valuable resource from fallen space rock

Completing every last side objective plus the main quest is going to push you closer to the 30-hour mark. There are also races and Mutant Bash TV combat gauntlets that are not associated with any of the three major characters. In addition to those, you’ll also encounter Bounties: these missions found on notice boards in the hub settlements of Gunbarrel, Lagooney, and Wellspring are repeatable, so you can remain in Rage 2 as long as you like.

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So, after all that, how long is Rage 2? As you can see from our breakdown, it really does depend. However, we reckon that if you were to tick off a decent chunk of the side tasks on top of the main campaign, you’ll be spending in the region of 20 hours with this shooter sequel. If you’re itchy trigger finger could still do with a good scratch after that, consider moving on to one of the best FPS games on PC. Doom 2016 is on there, naturally, but there’s plenty more besides to get your eye in.