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Rage 2: release date, trailer, gameplay, graphics, story - everything we know

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It’s official: Rage 2 is real. id Software’s 2011 post-apocalyptic shooter - and last game under the supervision of founder John Carmack - finally has a sequel. Not that anyone was asking for one, of course: Rage was divisive when it originally came out, thanks to a cliched story  and awkward open-world. Then again, never had the end of the world looked so good, thanks to the id Tech 5 engine and it’s bonkers megatextures. 

Now, with Rage 2, we are hoping to see a refined, more complete version of id’s ambitious effort.This time Rage will be developed by id and Avalanche Studios, the folk behind Just Cause 3 and, fittingly, Mad Max.

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Now we are reaching peak E3 2018 excitement, details on Rage 2’s release date, gameplay, and story are starting to emerge. Bethesda took to its social media channels to tease a number of its upcoming games ahead of its fourth annual E3 showcase on June 10. Now two official trailers have landed - featuring an especially unhinged collection of scary bandits - we finally have confirmation that Rage 2 exists with a release window to boot. Below you’ll find everything we know about Rage 2.

Rage 2 release date

rage 2 release date

The Rage 2 release date is 2019 and we’ll get to see more at Bethesda’s June 10 E3 showcase, us lucky things.

Rage 2 trailer

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After a series of Bethesda teases on Twitter - and a WalMart Canada leak - the live action Rage 2 trailer above is the publisher’s first official confirmation of the game’s existence. The eccentric Mad Max aesthetic revealed by the leaked teaser trailer appears present and correct as toothless, tattooed miscreants with bold hairstyles look intimidating amid plumes of gaudily coloured smoke. Besides the darkly comic tone, the trailer doesn’t give much away - apart from aggressive and insistent warning that we ‘get ready to die!’ Charming.

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The darkly comic tone of Rage 2 shows no sign of abating in this official gameplay trailer. Looking an awful lot like a mix of Borderlands and Fallout 4, we see ridiculous upgradeable guns, massive mutants, and lots of vehicular pedal-to-the-metal action.

Rage 2 gameplay

rage 2 release date gameplay

Tipped to be a ‘shooterverse’, Rage 2’s gameplay promises to be more than a shooter and an open world game. The original wasn’t quite an open world - instead you had a series of connected open areas and hubs - and a Mad Max-style world through which to freely adventure seems a great fit for the series. 

That wouldn’t be the case if Rage 2 was as brown as its predecessor, but this time we'll be shooting and racing through lush jungles, arid deserts, and dank, treacherous swamps. That’s right, vehicles will be making a return and they looked more rugged and fun-to-drive than ever. There were five vehicle types in the first Rage, so hopefully we get more to drive at silly speeds and crash into our enemies. Hopefully we can customise them, too, with the freedom to hold off on the neon pink.

rage 2 release date vehicles

Rage’s gameplay was one of its stronger elements, but your arsenal looks to be ramped up even more in the official gameplay trailer. The sharp-edged boomerang that is the Wingstick will be coming back and you have the ability to Overdrive your tools of destruction to push them beyond their normal limits. You’ll need it, too: massive giants and mutants are shown off in the trailer, and they look like they’ll take a lot of pain.

To turn the tide against the Authority, you’ll need to take the fight to the numerous factions and monsters that are vying for control of the wasteland. We don’t know whether you can join or team up with any friendlier groups, but perhaps each will offer their own upgrades and customisation options. That said, judging by monsters in the gameplay trailer, we don’t think talking to them is going to get you far.

Rage 2 graphics and engine

rage 2 release date graphics

id Software once again set the bar for graphical quality with Rage but, with Avalanche at the helm, can we expect the same post-apocalyptic beauty? While Mad Max wasn’t as breathtakingly pretty as Rage was at the time when it released in 2015, it was still a looker. 

Thanks to the id Tech 5 engine, Rage stunned players with its visuals, but Rage 2 looks to be taking things a step further. Avalanche's effort looks stunning and much more varied than the original - colour us excited. 

Rage 2 story

rage 2 release date story

The narrative of the original Rage was a weak link next to its great graphics and brutal combat. Its twists were predictable and the lore contextualising the world felt derivative. This time we are hoping for a stronger story with original and engrossing moments, and it certainly looks like we have that.

 In Rage 2, 80% of Earth’s population has been decimated by an asteroid and needless to say, things aren’t looking to rosy as vicious gangs stalk the open road and the mysterious Authority look to stake their claim to power amid the chaos.

In this annihilated hellscape you are Walker, a Ranger that poses a threat to the tyrannical regime. Naturally, as you are attacked, robbed, and left for dead, you will take your revenge on the new evils that rampage across Earth with a brutal bevy of weapons.

That’s everything we know about Rage 2. Let us know what you think the game should look like in the comments below.

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Xerkics avatarTsunamiWombat avatarholmesc avatar
Xerkics Avatar
1 Week ago

Why?? Have people forgotten how truly terrible Rage was. It was its only truly defining feature

TsunamiWombat Avatar
1 Week ago

Because Mad Max made a big splash at the box office so post apocalyptic action is an actionable property right now. Plus, Borderlands is always fairly successful, so they probably want a shot at that money.

Rage was incredibly mediocre, if anything.

holmesc Avatar