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Rainbow Six Siege has issued 166k bans in the past 18 months

The Siege team has shared some new info about its ongoing war on cheaters

Flores key art for Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft has issued around more than 166,000 bans for cheating in its competitive multiplayer game Rainbow Six Siege over the past year and a half. The company provided some new data on its efforts to fight cheating in Siege – an ongoing effort, as cheaters seem to be endlessly innovative. The company also pointed to some specific efforts its made to make cheating more difficult and reducing the ways in which cheaters can disrupt the game.

The Siege team shared the new info on Twitter, which includes a graph of Battleye and data-based bans issued over the last 18 months. Totalling up each month’s approximate values, and the number you get is somewhere north of 166,000, or nearly 14,000 bans per month, according to our maths.

Those back-of-the-envelope calculations suggest that on average, someone has been getting banned from Siege every three minutes, every hour of every day. The company says it also banned a further 3,114 idle botters between last November and January of this year.

Here’s the beginning of the thread.

Since the last time the Siege team discussed its anti-cheat efforts, it says its deployed fixes that prevent cheaters from killing lobbies and using drones to crash matches or cause melee damage.

The team also gave a shout-out to the R6 Analyst app, which includes features that allow Siege players to capture and share video evidence of cheating on social media.

Right now, the team says it’s working with a third-party company on a system to determine phone number eligibility for verification purposes. The Siege team encourages players to continue reporting cheaters, and whenever possible to include clear video or photo evidence, the cheater’s username and user ID, the match ID, and the date and time of the incident.