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Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon operators fully revealed

We've got the rundown on Mozzie and Gridlock, Siege's new Aussie operators.

rainbow six siege burnt horizon review

We finally know the full loadouts, gadgets, and a few quirks of the Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon operators, Mozzie and Gridlock. The reveal comes courtesy of the Six Invitational 2019 and shows off the new Australian operation.

We’ll start with Mozzie, the motorbike helmet-wearing defender from down under. Mozzie’s gadget is the Pest Launcher, which is a crossbow that fires a drone-hacking Pest device onto surfaces. This Pest will leap onto the first drone that enters its proximity and hack it, giving Mozzie complete control of the drone and allowing defenders access to the camera feed. Mozzie carries three of these and they can even capture Twitch’s Shock Drones.

Now for loadout. Mozzie is a two-speed defender who can carry Nitro Cell or Barbed Wire as his secondary gadget. He can choose between the Commando 9 carbine and the P10 RONI machine pistol as his primary weapons. The Commando 9 carbine seems the better of the two and has a sumptuous reload animation. His secondary guns are a rather plain pistol and the much cooler Super Shorty shotgun.

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Now for Gridlock, our Australian attacker. Her gadget is the Trax Stinger, a canister that is thrown and starts spitting out small spike traps, one after another filling up a corridor with damaging, slowing obstacles that make a noise when you walk through them. Gridlock gets three of these, so she can even fill a medium size room with traps. It’s a powerful tool for denying roamers and will make retaking the site very difficult.

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Gridlock is a three-armour operator who can carry smokes or stuns and has the same secondary weapons as Mozzie. Her primary weapons are the F90 assault rifle and the M249. The LMG is differs from Capitão’s as it has a fast reload side mag and a new scope optic.

You won’t be able to play these new operators on main servers for over three weeks, but PC players can download the TTS and try out the new operation much sooner.