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Rainbow Six Siege devs had ideas for an operator with Spider-Man abilities

Spider-Op, Spider-Op, does whatever a Spider-Op does

Spider-man, from games like Spider-Man on PC

Rainbow Six Siege has a lot of operators by now, and as the game’s showing no signs of slowing down, there are probably many more to come. The developers at Ubisoft haven’t been shy about discussing old plans for operators, including some that may eventually hit the game – like that K9 unit mentioned a while ago. Another regular part of the drawing board? On op that can cling to ceilings.

“We discussed this exact idea two years back,” designer Jean-Baptiste Hallé tells IGN. “A level design nightmare.” A spider-like op ability sounds a lot like Echo’s Yokai drone, but it’s monstrously more complex to implement. Designer Emilien Lomet says “The key issue with anything that is related to ceilings is that they haven’t been designed to be interactive. Yokai drones are already small enough and still problematic, so an entire operator feels a bit scary for us to stick to a ceiling.”

As with any addition to a game like Siege, whether it ever gets implemented is a matter of trial and error. Hallé says “I would love to prototype it if we had the time to invest in that, because I feel that would be tons of fun. What happens when you land on someone?”

For now, we’ve got one more season of Year 4 to run through, which will bring us operators from Kenya and India. Beyond that, it’s looking very likely that we’re heading to Greece with our Year 5 operators.

Afterward, maybe you should keep an eye out overhead. You know, just in case. Or enjoy some games like Spider-Man if you need to crawl some walls on PC.