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Find a Clash shield exploit in Rainbow Six Siege and Ubisoft might give you a charm bounty

The studio's rolled out a Clash shield exploit fix on the Rainbow Six Siege test server - and it wants you to tell it if it worked

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If you’re a Rainbow Six Siege fan, you probably know that defending Operator Clash has been deactivated again because another exploit has cropped up. Now, developer Ubisoft’s turning to the FPS game’s playerbase to check it’s stamped out the issue for good – it’s offering a raptor legs Frost charm as a reward for spotting “Clash shield-related exploits”.

That’s according to a tweet the studio’s posted, which reads: “We have deployed a fix for the recently discovered Clash exploit on the Test Server today. We have tested the fix thoroughly, but to make sure, we are offering a bounty for new reports of exploits pertaining to her shield.”

The period in which you can grab the charm – which is pretty rare and was previously given to players who told Ubisoft about multiple bugs they’ve found on the game’s test servers – runs until March 3. The studio’s looking for “Clash shield-related exploits only”, following the most recent issue which let players clip through her shield and fire at foes freely from behind it while also protected by it.

The image included shows a picture of the neat little raptor legs charm (which you can also see here), originally inspired by that hilarious bug from the early days of Siege which would cause Ops’ legs to go more than a little haywire. Like this.

But if you’re already a diligent bug reporter and have scooped one of the charms already, fear not – Ubisoft says on Reddit it has “an additional surprise waiting for you”, with a wink. Hmm.

For full rules about what Ubisoft’s looking for and how to report bugs to claim the charm, head to to the studio’s Reddit post here.

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