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Ubisoft is considering a separate Rainbow Six Siege solo queue option

Rainbow Six Siege's developers are discussing the possibility of a separate matchmaking queue for solo players

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that shines best when it’s being played as it was designed: between teams of five players each. But when you can’t round up four friends to jump into a match with you, you have to fly solo. Since Siege launched, solo players have found themselves at a major disadvantage against pre-built teams, and it’s possible Ubisoft may address this in a future update.

One way players have suggested fixing this problem is to introduce a separate queuing system for solo players, with another segregated matchmaking system for pre-constructed five-member teams. This would mean that even if you queued up solo, your opponents would be an ad hoc team of solo players too, putting everyone in the match on even footing, at least from a matchmaking perspective.

Players have been talking about this idea in Siege for a long time, and Ubisoft has finally indicated that it’s listening. Saturday, a fan tweeted that they wished Siege would have a playlist for “5 team only,” because “that way us single [queue] people would [actually] have a fair chance.”

“This is something the community has discussed over the past few weeks, and the idea has been passed up the chain to the devs,” the official Siege Twitter account wrote back.

That’s about all there is to go on right now, unfortunately. One concern about introducing separate playlists for teams and solo is that it could split the player base – something the Siege team has said it’s dead-set against doing.

And while Siege saw its all-time peak number of concurrent players on Steam this weekend, the queue split could still mean long matchmaking wait times for players using smaller regional datacenters as servers.

We’ll be listening closely for any word on whether Siege will get solo queueing. In the meantime, get yourself up to speed on what we know is coming in Rainbow Six Siege Year 5.