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Rainbow Six Siege’s Glaz gets dapper in his upcoming elite skin

Glaz finally gets a chance to shed the camo paint and head out on the town.

A highly-regarded Rainbow Six Siege leaker has discovered an Elite skin for Spetnaz operator Glaz that shows the Russian sniper in comfortable civvies rather than his usual facepaint and battle dress.

YouTuber R6SNews uploaded a video showing off Glaz’s Elite uniform Tuesday. He also showed images of the weapon skins, accessory, charm, and chibi figure Glaz will be getting with the skin.

Dubbed Elite Citizen, the skin shows Glaz wearing a fur-lined grey parka over a military crewman-style light jacket. He’s also sporting a wool newsboy-style cap, pinstripe trousers, and a yellow armband with Cyrillic script. His belt, rifle strap, and holsters are a mix of nylon webbing, leather, and rigid composite.

The Lethal Citizen skin also shows Glaz without the customary neck gaiter covering the lower half of his face – instead, we get to see Glaz’s chinstrap and goatee facial hair.

It’s a retro look for Glaz that evokes a bygone era, the way Siege’s other elite skins like Frost’s Trapper outfit and Doc’s First World War look do.
The skin also includes elite skins for Glaz’s loadout – his OTs-03 bullpup rifle has wood details on the buttstock, pistol grips, and handguards, and both his pistols have matching wood grip plates.

Here’s the video:

It’s fairly certain Glaz’s Lethal Citizen skin will roll out on the Operation Wind Bastion release date, which we expect will be early next month. Elite skins usually cost 1,600 R6 Credits, or about $15 USD. The skin is a fresh look for good old Glaz, who’s skin is probably in rough shape after so much time under camo paint.

Top image credit: R6Snews, via YouTube