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Rainbow Six Siege’s Golden Gun mode is back, with an ‘extravagant’ prize

You'll need to be quick to dive it - the event only runs until October 5

Remember Rainbow Six Siege’s Golden Gun limited-time mode? It was originally added with the FPS game’s Operation Void Edge way back in March this year, and now it’s making a gloriously golden return – but for a very brief period, only. And this time, you’ll be using the Golden Gun version 2.0.

“In this Arcade game mode, you’ll run around Border, Coastline, and House in a secure area match with a very special weapon: the Golden Gun 2.0,” developer Ubisoft Montreal announces in a blog post on the game’s site. “There are two things that make it very special. First, every bullet that finds its mark will instantly kill that Operator. Second, the gun only holds one bullet at a time, which means you have to reload after every shot.” Neat.

The dev says you’ll need to make every shot you fire count because you don’t have any other weapon at your disposal in the mode. Well, apart from melee attacks and some handy gadgets – but they might not stand much of a chance against your golden gun-armed foes.

It’s also worth noting the Golden Gun 2.0 mode won’t let you tackle it as Goy, Mira, or use any of those deployable shields, to prevent exploits. Ubisoft adds that Amaru won’t be available to play in this round, either.

As for goodies, the mode brings a golden D-50 weapon skin fittingly called ‘Extravagance’. You’ll get to unlock this treat if you rack up either 12500 Renown or 360 R6 Credits. “However, you’ll need to swipe it fast because it will only be available for the duration of the Arcade game mode!”, the dev explains.

Speaking of acting fast, the Rainbow Six Siege Golden Gun 2.0 mode goes live today (October 1) and ends on October 5, so you’ve only got a handful of days to get in there and score yourself some golden goodies. Check out our lists of the best Rainbow Six Siege Operators and Rainbow Six Siege new Operators if you’re keen to brush up before you dive in.