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Rainbow Six Siege trolls can get Goyo players banned with a hostage exploit

A little fire goes a long way

The latest latest big update is here, but Ember Rise brings along at least one major unintended consequence for Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators. Goyo’s shield blasts out a sea of fire when it gets shot, and trolls are taking advantage of how that gadget’s kills are tracked to force other players into temporary bans without apparent consequences.

In hostage mode, if the fire from Goyo’s shield kills the hostage, it will count as a teamkill for the Goyo player – regardless of who actually fired the shot that set off the shield. So well-meaning players could accidentally get Goyo banned if a stray bullet sets off the shield, and trolls could take obvious advantage.

You can see the instant ban happen in a clip from prominent Siege player BikiniBodhi. Community developer Craig ‘Epi’ Robinson responded, saying “we are going to discuss in depth. There are quite a few variables we need to consider and take into account. We won’t be able to make any changes in time for 3.1 as it is already pretty much final. If any changes are to be made, it might be 3.2, but more likely 3.3.”

While it’ll be a bit of a wait, this at least won’t be a problem in ranked since hostage mode was dropped to just casual playlists.

In the meantime, avoid bringing Goyo shields and hostages together. There’s no telling who might get hurt.