Ubisoft gives everyone a free Rainbow Six Siege operator

Or, an elf costume for Monty if you've already collected them all

Good news, Rainbow Six Siege fans – it looks like developer Ubisoft has got some festive treats in store for players this holiday. According to a post on the game’s official Twitter channel, there’s a surprise for each player which can be found in the game’s Holiday 2019 Pack – and from images posted to that tweet and Reddit so far, it looks like free operators (or a hilarious ‘Little Helper’ uniform) are the goodies up for grabs.

According to an image of the Holiday 2019 Pack posted to Reddit, it’s a Premium type pack, usually available as part of a tie-in for events and paid-for – though it looks like this one’s free. The description says: “Contains a random Operator you don’t own yet from years one, two, three, and four. Enjoy the holidays!” So, it appears that you’ll have a new operator waiting for you when you fire up the game. Sweet.

However, players have also been posting images of what you get if you already own all of the Rainbow Six Siege operators – and it looks like it’s a very full-on festive uniform for attacking operator, Monty (Gilles ‘Montagne’ Touré) called ‘Little Helper.’ Adorned with candy canes, holly, and lovely red shoes, he looks like a combat-ready elf.

Get a look at Little Helper Monty below:

If you’re keen to find out what your Operator is, or grab your new look for Monty if you have all the ops so far,  head to the Pack section in the game’s home screen menu and claim your Holiday 2019 Pack.

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