Log into Rainbow Six Siege for a free operator or Renown

Raibow Six Siege Holiday Pack2

Ubisoft is offering all Rainbow Six Siege players a gift for the Christmas holidays. Log into the game now and you’ll be gifted either a new operator, or a bucket-load of Renown currency.

The free Holiday Pack contains a random DLC operator. The ‘DLC’ part is important here, as this means the operator will be selected from the post-launch pool, rather than those that were originally shipped with the game. Players are reporting that even the most recent operators, Kaid and Nomad, can be found in the packs. These operators are more expensive than the original team; a whole 25,000 Renown. Which just so happens to be the amount of Renown you’ll receive in the Holiday Pack should you already own all of the DLC operators.

It’s worth noting that some players are experiencing bugs with the Holiday Packs; Appuals reports that those with all operators unlocked may be unable to open the pack and receive their Renown, with the game displaying a ‘0 operators unlocked’ message. Hopefully Ubisoft will fix this bug soon.

Provided the bug is fixed, this is a nice treat for all kinds of Siege players. Regardless of if you’re a committed trooper who buys all the season passes, or are just casually interested in Rainbow Six Siege, everyone receive the same value of gift. DLC operators speak for themselves, but for 25,000 Renown you can buy a decent set of cosmetics from the Rainbow store.

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The Holiday Pack is available for any Rainbow Six Siege player who logs in before January 1, so you have a few days left to grab your goodies. Of course, everything available will be from years 1, 2, and 3; Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 items won’t be available until 2019, when a whole new year of Siege operators, maps, and cosmetics kicks off.