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Iana and Oryx officially unveiled for Rainbow Six Siege

I'm in space - spaaaaaaaaaace

It’s official – Iana and Oryx are joining the Rainbow Six Siege roster in Operation Void Edge. Ubisoft revealed the new Operators in a new trailer and backstory write-up, ahead of the full Void Edge reveal this weekend. The trailer matches up with earlier leaks on the Void Edge Operators – with a slight spelling tweak – and essentially confirms what we’ve been hearing about their abilities.

Iana is an astronaut, and we see her in a moon base – then she walks out onto the rocky surface, sans any sort of protective suit. (Naturally, this is actually a hologram.) Meanwhile, Oryx is back on the Earth’s surface, sprinting hard and smashing through walls, Kool-Aid man-style.

All the new Year 5 content will be officially revealed this weekend as part of the Six Invitational 2020, but the new trailer offers a strong hint on the new abilities and basically confirms the leaks. Iana will likely deploy those holograms as distractions, while Oryx will be able to directly smash through walls for surprise attacks on unsuspecting opponents.

For now, you can read up on the backstory for Iana and Oryx on the official site, or check out the new trailer.

If tradition holds, the Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge release date should be coming in March, though Ubisoft has yet to officially confirm anything of the sort. For now, you can follow that link for details on everything we know about the season so far.