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Leaked video shows Rainbow Six Siege’s new operators and their full abilities

Abilities and gear loadouts for Iana and Oryx, Rainbow Six Siege's new operators for Year 5 Season 1

Void Edge's Iana

Operation Void Edge‘s new operators have been revealed in a leaked video ahead of the official reveal scheduled for this weekend. The video, produced by Ubisoft, provides a complete rundown of Iana and Oryx‘s new gadgets, abilities, and gear loadouts; as well as a look at the reworked Oregon map.

Oryx is Siege’s new Jordanian defender, and as rumours have suggested, he can charge through soft walls like the Kool-Aid Man. Oryx has an ability called Remah Dash, which not only allows him to move faster than any other operator in the game, he can also use it to knock operators down – even shieldbearers like Montagne.

The Remah Dash lets Oryx plow straight through both barricades and unreinforced walls, although he will take some damage when smashing through the latter. It’ll also take a few moments for Oryx to ready his weapon after pulling his Kool-Aid Man move. The dash can be interrupted by Gridlock’s Trax Stingers and Nomad’s Airjabs, and the move runs on charges that need time to replenish – and those charges reset to zero when he bursts through a wall.

Here’s the video, courtesy of the Rainbow Six Siege subreddit:

Operation Void Edge Gameplay Reveal (Uploaded on Ubisoft’s Facebook page) from r/Rainbow6

Oryx’s other trick is his ability to jump up through open hatches. He can hang in the hatch and peek up at the room above, or pull himself up through. He has the option of taking a SPAS-12 shotgun or Bailiff sidearm with him, which he can use to break open hatches for this very purpose.

Iana is the new Dutch attacker, and she’s another operator who uses deceit as a major part of her arsenal. Iana can create a holographic replica of herself that she can use to scout enemy positions and trap emplacements and bait defenders into revealing themselves. The Gemini Replicator gadget places an exact copy of Iana – including her headgear, uniform, and main weapon skin – under her direct control.

The hologram can’t deal damage, nor can it climb ladders or rappel lines. However, Iana can use the hologram to spot traps without triggering them, dupe defenders like Goyo or Smoke into triggering their gadgets, or trick defenders into throwing out the C4 early. Iana, obviously, needs to be in a safe place while she’s controlling the hologram.

The hologram can be destroyed by a single bullet, and Mute Jammers and electricity will disable it as well. However, Iana has unlimited charges for the device, which will recharge faster if she deactivates it herself.

Ubisoft will have more information to reveal throughout the Six Invitational, which is being held this weekend in Montreal at Place Bell.