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Rainbow Six Siege dev reveals game-changing Iana and Oryx abilities coming in Void Edge

Year 5, Season 1 will begin soon - here are all the changes

Rainbow Six Siege Void Edge Iana review

Ubisoft has finally lifted the lid on the new Rainbow Six Siege expansion. Year 5, Season 1 is titled Void Edge, and it brings two new operators and a rework of Oregon.

Oryx, a two speed, two armour defender, is the first operator ever to go without a gadget. Instead, he has two abilities. The first, Remah dash, allows him to sprint really fast, meaning he can knock down any enemy – including Montagne – and burst through unreinforced walls, just like the Kool-Aid man. The second ability allows him to leap up through hatches into the floor above. The Jordanian can wield a SPAS-12 shotgun or an MP5 SMG; for his secondary, he can pick a Bailiff 410 revolver or the USP40 pistol; and finally he can roll with either barbed wire or a bulletproof camera.

Iana, on the other hand, is a two speed, two armour attacker who can use her Replicator gadget to deploy a hologram of herself to fool defenders. Unlike Alibi’s similar ability though, Iana players can directly control the decoy, which moves, looks, and sounds exactly like the operator herself; shooting the decoy also does not give her a location ping of the duped enemy.

Iana is from the Netherlands and is the first albino operator in Siege. She can choose between the ARX 200 and G36-C assault rifles for her primary, while she only has one secondary, the MK1 9mm pistol. She can also choose between smoke and frag grenades.

The two operators will come at no extra cost for Year 5 pass holders, while everyone else will be able to buy them using renown or R6 credits a week later. No release date has yet been confirmed.

Year 5, Season 1 will also bring a reworked Oregon. While the ground and upper floors haven’t been changed too heavily, the basement is now wildly different. There’s a new area called the freezer, and new walls and rotation points have been added.

Elsewhere, Void Edge will introduce some big changes to existing operators. Legion will no longer be able to see his own Gu mines from a certain distance – nor if his line of sight is blocked – and while the mines’ damage tick is going up, additional mines will no longer deal added damage.

Twitch’s shock drone, meanwhile, will only carry a maximum of three shocks, not five, – though they will recharge after use. Their damage, however, will fall from 10 to 1, as Ubisoft attempts to shift the operator’s focus from hurting opponents towards destroying their gadgets. Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be any closer to hearing about that fabled Tachanka rework.

Finally, barricade destruction will be more consistent across different users – you and your opponents’ view will be closer aligned from now on – while this Season’s elite skin goes to Caveira, whose Mata-Leao outfit arrives on February 20.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a firm Rainbow Six Siege: Year 5 release date just yet, but we think it will land on or around March 10, 2020.