You’ll get Rainbow Six Siege’s Landowner skin even though you failed the community challenge

Total headshots fell quite a way under the six million target

July 22, 2019 Ubisoft says it messed up Siege’s latest community challenge, so participating players will get the reward even though the numbers fell short.

Last week, Rainbow Six Siege’s Sharpshooter Challenge went down undefeated – apparently the first time in the game’s history that players have failed to complete a community challenge. It wasn’t even close, either. Now, Ubisoft says the unreachable goal was a “miscalculation,” and players will get the promised Landowner weapon skin regardless.

“Due to a miscalculation, our goal for the Sharpshooter Showdown challenge was not achievable despite your best efforts and dedication to the event,” Ubisoft says. “We will grant all players who contributed to the challenge with the Landowner skin over the next 3 days.”

While that might suggest Ubisoft never would’ve let the reward go unclaimed, community developer Craig Robinson says on Reddit that “If we had set a realistic goal and the player base was only 10k short. We wouldn’t be giving it away.” Robinson says “because the fault was ours, we felt it was best to provide players that contributed the skin.”

The challenge asked players to claim 6 million headshots in one week through the Showdown mode. As to why that goal was unrealistic, Robinson says “No attachments was probably the biggest thing. Map layout was another contributing factor. We also should have run the challenge for both weeks instead of just the second week.”

As posted by user HandMm on Reddit, the final total fell quite a lot under this. In it the user says “3,500,000 headshots in 9 min[ute]s? No problem”, showing in a screenshot of the challenge progress that, at the time of its capture, and with the event nearly over, the total headshots was just under 2,500,000 – quite a way under the target that Ubisoft set. Similarly, user BittexGaming posted a few days earlier that, with only three days to go, the total was only sitting around the 1,600,000 mark.

While it’s not formally confirmed, user LowRune says that this is the first time a Rainbow Six challenge has failed. Judging by some users’ responses under the post, it seems pretty clear that the Rainbow Six’s community has given the challenge a good go – but it looks like the challenge might have been a little out of reach for various reasons.

LowRune and some others suggest that launching the challenge after the Showdown mode’s release, rather than simultaneously, could explain it why numbers fell short in the end, with others attributing it to the challenge being restricted to the Showdown mode, or even just finding headshotting a bit tricky.