Rainbow Six Siege leaks reveal Elite Maverick and Kali skins

A whole bunch of content leaks have popped up ahead of the Neon Dawn launch

As Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn approaches, a bunch of leaks revealing the FPS game’s upcoming content have started appearing online. Alongside early looks at things like new holiday 2020 packs, a weapon charm, and other cosmetics, it looks like we’ve got our first peep at Elite skins on the way for attacking operators Kali and Maverick.

First up, for Maverick – one of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators – is an Elite skin that appears to be called ‘Hotshot Welder’, based on some screens and footage that have popped up so far. As you can see in the clip embedded below (via this Reddit post), it seems the op’s in for a thick yellow and brown jumpsuit with welding goggles, a head wrap, and work boots.

Head to the 00:09 mark in the clip and you can get a peep at the Elite uniform’s included goodies, too, which along with a charm and weapon skins is what seems to be a new welding torch-style look for the attacker’s breaching weapon.

Here’s that clip showing off Maverick’s upcoming Elite skin in the game menu:

And, here’s another look at the skin in-game:

As for Kali’s upcoming Elite uniform, it seems her new look is called ‘Masterframe Prototype I’, and is pretty different to the kind of gear she usually sports. A little reminiscent of Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher bodysuit, the skin’s a grey-green suit covered in harness straps and belts, and featuring headgear with some kinds of scopes and sights mounted on it. Take a look for yourself below:

And, here’s another look at the skin in-game:

Alongside these leaks, it seems Nøkk is in for a funny new skin, which is essentially a paper bag sporting an angry monster face roughly scrawled in felt tip, and possibly even a brief peep at an upcoming Christmas event mode.

Additionally, it seems Ubisoft has created a charm called ‘Iceycat’ in honour of the Rainbow Six YouTuber who sadly passed away earlier this year. You can see this on the game’s subreddit here.

It’s not clear just yet when we can expect all this leaked content to head to the live game, but with the Rainbow Six Siege Neon Dawn release date now likely a handful of weeks away, we can probably expect it to drop sometime pretty soon.