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KFC declares Rainbow Six Siege the best game in the world

Ubisoft's tactical shooter dispatched Minecraft in the final round of KFC's 'World Cup of Games'

Rainbow Six Siege

Over the past few weeks, the chaotic social media account that is KFC Gaming has been running the “World Cup of Games.” 64 iconic series old and new faced off against each other in a simple elimination bracket based on community votes. Everything from Call of Duty to Wii Sports, Doom to Animal Crossing, fell as the competition rumbled on, leading to a grand final which took place this weekend.

In one bracket, Minecraft started strong, seeing off The Witcher, Red Dead Redemption, Pokemon, and Portal on its way to the final, looking like it might clinch the title. On the other side of the tournament, however, a very different community had become invested in proceedings.

Rainbow Six dispatched Overwatch in the first round, sent God of War’s Kratos packing in the second, and then left Need for Speed in its dust. As the tournament entered the quarter-finals, the community really got on board,seeing off Rocket League and then obliterating Grand Theft Auto to secure it place in the grand final.

In that final matchup, despite Minecraft’s previous success, Rainbow Six came away with the victory with 70% of the vote, and nearly 100,000 total votes throughout the whole competition, making Ubisoft’s tactical FPS the best game in the world – according to a Twitter account representing a fast food restaurant.

What that will actually come to mean is anybody’s guess, but given the impressive player turnout, there could be some rewards in order – KFC says it might “have to put together a reward for the R6 family.” Tachanka Tower burger, anyone?