Rainbow Six Siege MouseTrap anti-cheat targets pesky spoofers

The all-new Rainbow Six Siege MouseTrap anti-cheat is set to crack down on spoofers, and will attempt to clean up Ubisoft's FPS game alongside new chat systems.

Rainbow Six Siege MouseTrap anti-cheat targets pesky spoofers: A blonde woman with blue eyes wearing a black mask and a black helmet rimmed in orange with 'Fnatic' written on it and a radio on her shoulder

The all-new Rainbow Six Siege MouseTrap anti-cheat is yet another addition to the FPS game‘s ever-changing roster of protection systems. Specifically targeting spoofers, Ubisoft hopes that MouseTrap will stamp out some of R6’s most irritating cheaters.

Ubisoft states that “input spoofing is one of the biggest complaints we get from our community,” acknowledging that it “feels really unfair to play against these players when you have such a disadvantage.”

‘Spoofers’ falsify their locations using various different tools, allowing constantly change their IP address to evade in-game anti-cheat tools. This has been a constant issue for Rainbow Six and online games as a whole, but Ubisoft is convinced it’s got something that can solve the issue.

Enter MouseTrap, the multiplayer game‘s new anti-cheat system that helps identify “which players are spoofing and when they are spoofing.” Specifically, it targets those who are using mouse and keyboard to play on console.

Come mid-season, if a player is caught spoofing MouseTrap will start “adding extra latency to their inputs.” Ubisoft goes on to clarify that the latency will ramp up over several matches if the player continues to spoof. In order to relieve this latency, all you’ll need to do is remove your mouse and keyboard, and switch back to controller.

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Ubisoft highlights that it worked with the internal accessibility team to ensure that this only affects spoofers, allowing the rest of the player base to play in peace.

MouseTrap is also accompanied by a new voice chat tracker, which will automatically mute abusive players (although if you want to unmute them you can). If you’re caught being angry in the chat, you’ll be given a set of warnings followed by a penalty, which will carry over several matches and likely lead to a ban if you continue to offend.

A pixelated PC screen showing a mouse with a caution sign next to it

Over the years, Siege has unfortunately become somewhat synonymous with hacking and cheating, with an incident in the latter half of 2022 seeing hackers display indecent imagery using the game’s ban feed. Hopefully MouseTrap and the new voice chat system does its job given that previous anti-cheat systems have been a little lacklustre – although thankfully QB has done some work since its reactivation in December.

As someone who loves R6, this has inspired me to dive back in and pop some heads. If you fancy joining me, then check out our list of the best Rainbow Six Siege operators to ensure that your favourite characters are still viable. If you’re still not convinced, don’t worry, there’s a whole plethora of war games out there for you to try instead.