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Rainbow Six Siege MUTE Protocol returns with a spin on Gun Game

Rainbox Six Siege's funky MUTE Protocol returns in August with a new mode inspired by gun games where you'll upgrade your weapon by taking down foes

Rainbow Six Siege MUTE Protocol gun game: An operator dressed in a throwback sci-fi costume fires a machine gun decorated with a swirling blue pattern

Co-op FPS game Rainbow Six Siege MUTE Protocol returns this month with a new game mode called Arms Race to the Objective. From August 2 – 23, you can take on this sci-fi themed mode to earn a new set of Flesh and Metal skins by taking out opponents and upgrading your weapon.

This year’s MUTE Protocol pits a team of ‘robotics’ and a team of ‘organics’. Teams are symmetrical, with identical layout. The goal is to upgrade your weapon until you reach the final form, the golden hammer, which you then can use to smash a tank containing a giant brain to win the round.

It works similar to ‘gun game’ modes in other FPS games: you upgrade your weapon every time you get a kill. Respawns are enabled, and every time you get killed, your weapon is downgraded a level.

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Attackers start with Smoke’s FMG-9, while defenders begin with Mute’s MP5K.

As usual, MUTE Protocol takes place on a special event version of the Comm Tower map. Each match has three rounds, and each one takes place on a different level of the map.

This year’s event adds a new line of uniforms, headgear, and weapons for your operators, but you can also pick up the Year 5 MUTE Protocol cosmetics if there are any you missed. Ubisoft says that if you purchased any bundles from the past MUTE Protocol event, you’ll get the corresponding operator card for free this time around.