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Rainbow Six Siege players demand to know what happened to Oryx’s butt

Ubisoft has gotta buff that booty

Ever since Old Snake strutted onto the scene to show the PlayStation 3’s gluteal and graphical power in Metal Gear Solid 4, gamers have recognised the secret to a successful character is a successful butt. Everyone from 2B and Tracer to Geralt and Wario have proven the butt success rule, but with Rainbow Six Siege’s Void Edge update upon us, we can say one thing for certain: Oryx does not have a butt to compete with the legends.

And that’s weird, since Oryx’s whole thing is sprinting so hard he smashes through walls. The operator has the thighs to back up that power, but not the booty to back up those thighs. Thus, we’ve got threads on Reddit like “Please Ubi. This might be trivial but fix that butt. No man IRL has a flat butt with those kind of thighs.”

Meanwhile, the new Tomb Raider Ash Elite skin sees the operator filling out Lara Croft’s classic booty shorts just fine. What happens when Oryx inevitably gets his Lara Croft outfit, Ubisoft? Those shorts will just fall clean off if this continues.

Listen, Ubisoft. You’ve gotta buff the booty. Oryx has worked for those thighs, and he deserves the butt to match.

You can peruse details on Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 while we await word of a fix on the game’s most egregious problem.