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Rainbow Six Siege Y7S4.1 patch notes fix Solis’ wonky hands

The Rainbow Six Siege patch notes for the Y7S4.1 update include fixes for Solis' wonky hands, see-through barricades, various crossplay issues, and more

Rainbow Six Siege patch notes Y7S4.1: Solis, wearing a face-concealing helmet with a bright yellow visor, crouches with holographic yellow HUD elements displayed around her head

Some new Rainbow Six Siege patch notes are out for the Y7S4.1 update, which is available now on all platforms. While Ubisoft swiftly addressed some of the most pressing issues that cropped up with the launch of Operation Solar Raid earlier this month, this patch makes some additional tweaks and fixes to some stray issues that were still plaguing the multiplayer game.

The Y7S4.1 update makes several fixes for connectivity issues. You should be able to re-join an online custom game after leaving the session now, and some remaining cross-play issues have been resolved. According to the official patch notes, some remaining issues with the Battlepass V2 have also been addressed in this update.

New operator Solis was having some issues with her hands: they’d go into an animation loop after she cancelled the Megascan, and they’d remain frozen in place while vaulting when she reactivated her SPEC-IO. These bugs have been fixed now, and SPEC-IO has been fixed so that it works when Solis reactivates it after a Megascan at the end of the gauge.

The patch also corrects various level of detail issues on Nighthaven Labs and a few other maps, and seals up a few gaps in Consulate that allowed the attacking team to peek inside the main building.

You’ll also be able to properly see the visual effects for electricity on deployable shields, reinforced walls, and hatches now. The update also fixes a bug that allowed players to see through barricades while picking up deployable gadgets.

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