Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon patch size is (ta)chonking huge

Ubisoft has revealed patch size and release time for Burnt Horizon

Rainbow Six Siege Burnt Horizon launches to live servers tomorrow, and Ubisoft has provided the usual release times 24 hours ahead of the update. You’ll want to pay extra close attention if you’re scheduling your session with the game, too – the patch size this time around is absolutely massive, so you might be spending more than a few hours waiting for it to download.

Downtime ahead of the new patch will begin at 6:00 PST / 9:00 EST / 14:00 GMT on March 6 for PC. (Other platforms, as usual, will be staggered hourly after that.) Downtime is expected to take one hour. The patch is set to be 54GB on PC, and while Ubisoft doesn’t explicitly say what’s contained there, that’s large enough to be a full redownload of the game.

The developers warned of the patch size in the same addendum where they laid out further changes on lean spam, saying that this is a restructure of game data to “help optimize player experience for future updates,” and that it will “help consolidate and reduce the overall game size.”

However long that download takes, it’ll get you access to the Burnt Horizon operators, the Outback map, and plenty more – as noted in our early review of Burnt Horizon, it’s all feeling excellent.

You can find out more in Burnt Horizon patch notes.

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We’re already looking toward the rest of the Year 4 roadmap, even as Burnt Horizon is only barely upon us. You can follow that link for much more info on the hints, rumours, and leaks about what else is coming to Siege in 2019.