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Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight release date - all the latest details

Want to know more about the next Rainbow Six Siege season? Here’s the expected launch date and details on the operators

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The Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight release date is just around the corner and as usual, it promises to bring two new operators, a new map in the form of a Kafe rework, and a haul of balancing changes. Usually, we’re left waiting for solid details on the upcoming new operators and their loadouts right up until the official reveal at the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals, however this operation has been rife with leaks so there’s plenty to dig into ahead of the official unveiling.

Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight adds a new attacker from the Danish Frogman Corps and a new defender from the United States Secret Service. Instead of a new map we’ll be stalking the plush corridors of a reworked Kafe Dostoyevsky. On top of the new operators and map rework we’ll also get some attachment tweaks and the highly anticipated Glaz rework.

All of this will be shown off in Milan at the Rainbow Six Pro League Finals on May 19, but it will be a long while until any of the new content hits live servers. To help you figure out what’s new and when it will arrive we’ve assembled a handy Phantom Sight news roundup below.

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Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight release date

The official Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight release date is June 11, 2019. Maintenance on PC takes place between 9AM and 10AM EDT, so you should be able to start downloading Phantom Sight now.

Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight operators

Some players have been able to access the next season’s TTS early, so we now know the full loadouts for both new Phantom Sight operators.

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  • Speed: 2
  • Armor: 2
  • Gadget: Hel Presence Reduction

The Hel Presence Reduction is a piece of counter-intelligence tech that wipes Nokk’s image from any observation tools and reduces her noise. She can carry either the FMG-9 SMG or SIX12 SD shotgun as her primary weapon, which is odd as they are not new weapons and come from two different CTUs. Similarly, her handgun choices are either the 5.7 USG or the D-50. As for secondary gadgets, you can bring a Claymore or Breach Charges to further flex your tactical muscles.

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  • Speed: 1
  • Armor: 3
  • Gadget: Glance Smart Glasses

The Glance Smart Glasses improve Warden’s visibility in smoke provided he is standing still. They can also be used to reduce the effects of flash grenades on Warden. He can choose between the M590A1 shotgun and MPX SMG as his primary weapon, and the P-10C or SMG-12 for his secondary. As for secondary gadgets, you can pick between the Deployable Shield or Barbed Wire.

nokk ability in rainbow six siege

Rainbow Six Siege Phantom Sight patch notes

In addition to all that we also have the following changes to look forward to as detailed by the Y4S2 Designer’s Notes: Pre Season blog post.

  • Kafe Dostoyevsky map rework
  • Glaz’s thermal scope rework
  • D-50 can now be equipped with a muzzle brake or a suppressor
  • Smoke’s FMG-9 can be equipped with a Vortex scope (Mozzie’s scope)
  • Finka’s ability will now cleanse the resulting tinnitus, while affected by an explosion

Also mentioned in the Y4S2 Designer’s Notes blog post is the Deployable Shield rework and a potential rework to Smoke’s gas clouds that would make them more like Capitão’s new asphyxiating bolts. No release date has been given for these.

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And that’s everything we know about the upcoming Phantom Sight release. There are sure to be a few additional surprises Ubisoft is saving for the Milan reveals, plus some more thorough patch notes and balancing changes. In the meantime, keep grinding for that diamond rank charm and watch out for Nokk.